Home Owners

Leave your pets at peace in their own home next time you go away. The practice of house sitting is gaining more popularity as the cost of holidays keeps increasing. As the expense of using kennels and security has increased phenomenally, many people feel financially restricted to go on holidays.

Kingdom Housesitters aims to provide sitters with the highest integrity. Our sitters are Christians, and in our experience, they generally demonstrate the necessary attributes in their lives, and have accountability (you can request a reference from their church leaders). It is our goal to provide an excellent match for your house sitting requirements. What we are looking from you is a well kept comfortable home that will be appealing to a house sitter. Registering as a homeowner requiring a house sitter is free and the house sitter provides their services free too! Our sitters do this because in return for looking after your home and pets they get to enjoy a rent free holiday, so each party benefits! Everyone saves cash and therefore everyone benefits from a break that they may otherwise not have been unable to pay for. 

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