What exactly is a house sitter?

A house sitter is someone who stays in your home while you are away, providing mutually agreed tasks such as looking after the pets, watering plants, or just being there for security.

Do I need to pay the house sitter?

KHS do not encourage house sitters to ask for payment, but it is entirely up to the both parties. The success of house sitting comes from the fact that both parties are benefitting without need for money to change hands, but there may be a case for payment if the house owner has extra work to undertake, like gardening for example. Our house sitters may be more than happy to do this  for free, but perhaps the amount of work may warrant some payment. This is entirely up to both parties and KHS takes no role or gives advice in any contractual work agreements.

Why not just rent the place out? That way I earn money!

The value of having a house sitter must be appreciated, in that you will find someone you can trust to look after your home. Even if you don’t have pets to put into kennels, any extended time away can create a security risk and you may have to put things into storage. Rentals are usually time specific and take some forward planning with a  minimum 6 months to a year letting. If you add up the cost and inconvenience, a house sitter may be the best choice!

What happens if the house sitter causes damage?

KHS suggests that a contract and inventory drawn up if needed. Anything extremely valuable should be stored away. Although KHS offers no guarantees, our members are expected to hold Christian morals and principles, always take care of property and report any damages.

Do I pay for unlimited use of utilities?!

KHS suggests that you put a ‘fair usage’ clause in your contract. Any surplus usage would then be paid by house sitter. But again, we would expect our member to be as frugal as possible and refrain from excessive usage.

Who can be a home owner on kingdomhousesitters.com?

anybody irrespective of nationality, backgrounds or beliefs can be a home owner on kingdomhousesitters.com

How much will it cost to be a home owner?

There is a nominal subscription fee to be on the kingdomhousesitters website. Please check out subscription plans.  In an ideal situation, there is no other cost associated with being a home owner. The house sitter does not pay any rent, but may contribute towards the bills depending on mutual agreements and length of stay. The home owner need not pay the house sitter but will need to provide for the pets and the home needs.

Will the house sitter do all the jobs in the house?

The house sitter is expected to do all the day to day jobs in the house like cleaning, tidying, taking the dogs out etc, as mutually agreed upon in advance.
In some cases, a home owner can find a skilled house sitter who can also be used for specific jobs like plumbing or decorating for a mutually agreed charge.

What does a home owner have to provide for a house sitter?

The house sitter should be given clear instructions on how the home needs to be run. All the necessary keys and contacts including emergency contacts should be provided. Pet food, cleaning materials etc that are needed for the maintenance of the home and the contents of it should be provided. The house must be in a ‘livable ‘condition. In some countries, the local police/ council will have to be informed of a new person living in the house.
Also, it will be nice to leave some food in the fridge for the house sitter to use on the day of arrival.

Why KHS?

KHS is a Christian House sitting website and have Christian house sitting members. We do random reference checks on our house sitters to confirm they are practicing Christians who will abide with the principles of the Bible that makes them trustworthy individuals.

Do the house sitters have a police clearance or references that make them credible?

Some of them do, some of them don’t. But a home owner can always ask for a reference or do whatever is necessary to check the credibility of a particular house sitter.

What nationality will the house sitters be and what language do they speak?

A house sitter can be from any country. It is advisable to use a house sitter with whom you can communicate in a common language (or have a handy translator)to ensure that the instructions are properly understood.

What kind of support will a home owner get from KHS?

Please refer to the Support and Advice page for advice and a sample contract that can be customized and used.

Whom can a home owner approach in case of a complaint?

KHS is a website that provides a platform for a home owner to find a suitable house sitter. KHS do not maintain any contacts with home owners nor house sitters onboard and so will not be able to entertain any complaintmks. KHS strongly recommends both parties to sign a contract and arrive at an understanding on how to deal with grievances before making an agreement.

How do I register as a home owner?

Click on the ‘Join Now’ button on the top right corner of the Home page.
Click on the ‘Home Owner’ box.
Fill in the registration fields and tick the declaration boxes and click on ‘Join Now’.
You can also upload pictures of your house and pets to make it more appealing to the house sitters.

How do I pay the subscription charges?

You can pay either through Paypal or using your debit/credit card.

Can I cancel my subscription at any point?

A home owner’s subscription is based on the assignments they advertise. Once the date of your assignment expires, your subscription will automatically be cancelled.

Why do I have to pay to advertise my home on KHS?

There is a very nominal fee for a home owner to advertise their home on KHS. Unlike the websites which offers free subscription for home owners, KHS does a random check on its house sitters to ensure that they are the right kind of people to be a trustworthy house sitter, even though KHS cannot guarantee the characters of any of its house sitters. KHS does its very best with no guarantees assured.

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