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  1. Get acquainted with the house sitter well in advance and develop a friendship so that you can leave the property in their care .
  2. Sign an agreement, customized to fit your specific requirements. LINK TO SUGGESTED CONTRACT
  3. Perhaps leave some food for the house sitter for the first day of their arrival.
  4. Be specific and clear on the house rules. We recommend making a written document or even a handbook if you regularly use house sitters.
  5. Introduce the house sitter to a neighbour/friend/family who can be contacted in case of an emergency. Ensure you leave contact details to be contacted by the house sitter.
  6. Provide labeled keys for any available rooms or storage areas.
  7. Provide enough cleaning materials, pet food, plant food etc required for the period of the house sit.
  8. It will be nice to inform the house sitter about places of interests in your region that the house sitter can visit during his/her stay.
  9. Provide the house sitter with as much info as possible about the place and any events that maybe of interest.
  10. Inform your nearest police station/council etc about the house sitter, as is legally required in many countries.
  11. It is advisable to keep a photocopy of the house sitter’s Identity document.
  12. Leave the house the way you want it back.
  13. Provide enough linen.
  14. Lock the rooms with any valuables in, which you don’t want the house sitter to use.
  15. Provide instructions on how to use your appliances, as it could be different in different countries.
  16. If possible, provide the house sitter with adapters if the power points differ from the ones the house sitter is used to, or inform them in advance so that  they can get it for  themselves.
  17. If there is any specific task that you would like the house sitter to do, there is no harm is requesting, they may not mind doing it for you.
  18. Please inform the house sitter about the expected weather conditions, so that they can pack the right kind of clothes and accessories needed.
  19. It will be nice to inform your house sitter about the cost of living in your place so that they can plan in advance whether they need to bring a few things or buy them in your town.
  20. If you are leaving your car for the house sitter to use, then please ensure they are insured and show them how to operate the features of the vehicle  



  1. Get to know as much as possible about the place/country you will be house sitting in.
  2. If they use a different language, try to learn the basics that you may need to know.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the culture of that place to avoid embarrassments.
  4. If you will be taking care of a pet animal that you have never cared to before, do a bit of research into them.
  5. Make sure to carry all your identity documents with you.
  6. Make sure that you understand all the instructions given by the home owner.
  7. Find out the weather conditions and carry the right clothing.
  8. As you will be providing for your own needs, find out about the cost of living at your destination to help you plan in advance.
  9. Sign a contract with the home owner on what is mutually agreed.
  10. Treat the house and the pets with respect and do your best to bless that household.
  11. Pray for the home you will be staying in.  Also consider praying over the town, city or country you will be visiting.
  12. Leave some food for the home owner for the day of their return.
  13. Obtain the list of contacts needed in case of emergencies; eg: vet, plumber, electrician, doctor etc.
  14. Familiarize yourself with the laws of the country.
  15. Make friends with the neighbors who are close in case you need them.
  16. If you can afford it, employ cleaners to come in at least weekly to keep the house in good order


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